Payroll Services   

Payroll & Tax Processing

Unlimited Direct Deposits or Checks:
Clients can direct deposit each employee’s net pay, a percent of their net pay or a flat dollar amount into unlimited accounts. In addition, they have the option to receive a laser printed pressure sealed check for each employee.
Unlimited Earnings and Deductions:

Clients can define any number of earning and deduction types, including pay rates and frequency codes. This drastically reduces your workload.
Signing and Inserting: 
This service eliminates the need for a client to manually sign and stuff paychecks; plus, we can customize the look and feel of the paycheck per your specifications.

Payroll Tax Filing and Compliance

Federal, State, and Local Taxes:
Remove the burden of maneuvering through the complex web of state and federal tax filing laws.  Performance Payroll can calculate, collect and pay your payroll tax liabilities to the government when they are due.

Administration Services

Regulatory Assistance:

Performance Payroll provides you with new-hire reporting and garnishment processing.  Federal and state legislation requires employers to report certain information for all new hires.